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Jumu’ah Salaah 

1st Khutbah1:20 PM

 2nd Khutbah 2:00 PM


The masjid is open for all prayers as usual. In Darul Amaan Masjid we prioritise safety of our congregation. When you are coming to the masjid, please follow the safety guidelines.

·       If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild, please do not attend the Masjid

·       If someone has been instructed by the NHS Test and Trace to self-isolate because they have tested positive for COVID-19 or they have been in close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 they must self-isolate and must not attend the Masjid.

·       Please come with wudu from home.

·       Please continue to wear facemask for safety of yourself and the others.

·       Continue to use your own prayer mat to avoid spreading of COVID -19 by putting face and hands on the Masjid carpet.

·       Minimise your contact with others




Brickwork Appeal

We need to raise:


We desperately need to raise funds for the brickwork of the masjid. We need 180 pallets of brick for the work. The cost for the bricks is £345,000 including material and labour. Each pallet of brick is around £1950(including material and labour)

We urgently need to raise £150,000 to order the brick.

Please donate generously a pallet of brick or more for the masjid 



Bank: Lloyds Bank

Account Name: Darul Amaan Trust

Account Number: 01541998

Sort Code: 30-96-07


 Darul Amaan Masjid is part of The Darul Amaan Trust, a nonprofit organisation, established in early 1978 in Colliers Wood, Southwest London

We have been serving the community for the past years providing the basic day to day services to the Muslim community including five daily prayers. Friday communal prayers,  Eid Prayers and basic Islamic education for young ones.

As the Muslim population of the area has risen in recent years so has the number of worshipers of our Masjid. Recently it has become very difficult for us to accommodate all the worshipers inside the building for Friday and two of the Eid Salaah. With the ever-increasing community, we noticed a need to have bigger premises to cater for the local community. We made an application to our local council in June 2010 to grant us permission to demolish the old building and rebuild a purpose build masjid building on the same site. It is through the grace of All-Mighty Allah that we have successively been granted the full permission to raise a purpose built masjid on the same site. Once completed we will be able to provide the Muslim community a local hub to use for all their daily requirements. We intend to focus on the spiritual and physical wellbeing of our Muslim community as well as providing an excellent source of education to Young and Adults.

Appeal To Muslim Community:

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As you all know the rebuilding of the new Masjid is a huge project. It will be a three-storied building with a basement. In this new building, we will have all the modern facilities to meet today's requirements and be able to accommodate 1200 worshipers at a time. We will have a separate prayer hall for sisters, classrooms for our children evening madrasa, a library, facility for adult Arabic classes, mortuary, and funeral service. To complete the whole project approximate cost is £2.5million. We are in urgent need to raise a million to start the Construction work. We have strong hope that with the help of Allah (SWT) and help from your kind and generous donations Insha' Allah we will be able to raise the money and start the work on this project and complete it in a good time. Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is our responsibility to build this house of Allah (SWT), and invest in our hereafter, as Allah's Prophet SAW has mentioned "One who builds Allah's house in this world (Masjid) Allah will grant him/her a house in Jannah".( Sahih Bukhari 439, Sahih Muslim 533)  

The management committee of DarulAmaan trust makes an appeal to all Muslims Brothers and Sisters to come forward and donate generously to build the house of Allah and make dua to Allah (SWT) to help us all the way through to complete this work. May Allah give us all the ability to donate in his path, May Allah accept our donations and grant us a house in Jannah. Aameen.



Jumu'ah Salah at Darul Amaan Masjid 
Tuesday 09th September 2014

1st Khutbah 1:20 PM
2nd Khutbah 2:00 PM 

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Events & Programs 
Wednesday 10th September 2014

This page is to provide information about all events and programs will take place at Darul Amaan Masjid.

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Healthy Eating: An Islamic Perspective(By Hafiz Mohammed Zahid) 
Monday 18th August 2014

Why it's essential for our physical and spiritual well-being

To live in Islam is not merely preparing for the Hereafter, but also to live a complete way of life right here in this world. Hence, the…

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